the studioi company was founded in 2003 by Principal Designer, Stephen Iski. The firm understands that lighting reveals and enhances a person’s experience with architecture, but is just one of the many components of a successful design project. Our studio is a creative environment in which concepts are formed and developed. These concepts are refined and perfected using sketches, models, calculations and mock-ups to shape how lighting will impact the architecture and feeling of a project. Since its founding, this process has been used to collaborate with a variety of architects, owners and developers on a wide range of projects including civic, corporate, hospitality, institutional, public sculpture, theaters, and master planning. Expertise extends into all the realms associated with lighting, with core competencies including Architectural Lighting, Daylighting, Product Design and Exhibition Lighting. Since its founding, studioi has been involved in over 250 projects, and has worked on over $2 billion worth of construction across the globe.